While you may not know it, your teeth have grooves and pits, and these are prime areas for the development of tooth decay, otherwise known as cavities. Even regular brushing can miss these small, intricate spaces on your teeth’s chewing surfaces, and decay can develop in these areas between your regular cleanings. Sealants are a solution.

These coatings are thin, and normally not visible to others when speaking, laughing, or smiling. We apply sealants to the chewing surfaces to prevent bacteria and debris from entering crevices on the teeth. While sealants may work well with young children who may not have any tooth decay, these can be applied successfully to teeth with existing damage from decay to prevent any additional damage from setting in. Re-application is generally needed between five to ten years.

Sealant application is quick, easy, and painless. And the effectiveness of sealants can help to protect your oral health for years to come. To learn more about sealants or to set up an appointment for your own sealant procedure, contact us today.


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