We employ the newest and most efficient technologies to improve our patients’ comfort and reduce their time in the dental chair. Laser dentistry is a technology that has improved greatly over the past two decades. It provides safe and largely pain-free treatments for a vast array of diagnoses, and can be used in procedures on the gums, muscles, jaw bones, and teeth. In fact, the number of possible uses for laser dentistry makes it truly one of the most versatile options available. For instance, laser dentistry can be used to:

  • Expose non-erupted wisdom teeth
  • Perform biopsies on possible cancer tissues
  • Help treat and prevent infections
  • Treat canker or cold sores
  • Control bleeding
  • Reduce the amount of unhealthy bacteria in gum tissue

The most appealing aspect to the patient about  laser dentistry is that in most cases, laser procedures involve no needles, no drills, and little to no bleeding. It is virtually pain free. This means less stress and less discomfort. Best of all, a needle-free treatment means you will not leave our office numb and slurring!


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