teeth-whitening-before-afterYou see teeth whitening everywhere today. It is one of the most popular and lowest cost ways to improve your smile. With so many whitening solutions out there, it is important to be educated on which system you should choose.

Dental offices offer normally two different types of whitening, as do we. Smiles Created offers take-home and in-office solutions.

Take-home: At Smiles Created, we offer REV and Opalescence whitening systems. Both systems are a take-home kit, and the first time you whiten, it normally is a two-week process. You will be given syringes and custom whitening trays. At your appointment, before you take the kit home, the assistant or hygienist will go over the instructions. Typically, results last one to three years, depending on intake of dark drinks, red wine, and tobacco smoke. For best results with any whitening, you need to stay away from dark drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and cola and avoid smoking—all of which counteract whitening products. If you can’t go with out your tea or coffee, you may want to start drinking it through a straw so it does not come in contact with the front of your teeth.

In-office: This whitening procedure is a process completed in the office with a much stronger material that you can take home with you. This is normally done in one to two visits. During the appointments, your gums will be covered and a whitening gel will be applied to you teeth. Once the time period for whitening is up, the material will be suctioned away and your teeth will be rinsed. Your shade will be checked, and the process will be repeated up to three times to achieve the brightest color possible.

There are also over-the-counter toothpastes, whitening strips, rinses, and so on. It is very important to pay attention to your teeth during the whitening process, even if you are using these whitening products from the pharmacy. If you start having sensitivity, it is important to take a break from whitening even just to skip a day to get some relief. These products can cause sensitivity because your teeth have “tubuals” which open up during whitening. The whitening material goes into these tubuals when whitening to clear out stains which have settled inside, and even when you have rinsed the material off of the tooth surface, your tubuals stay open causing sensitivity, and they may need some time between whitening sessions to close.

To learn more about how you can have whiter teeth, contact our friendly staff and we will put smile on your face!