Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic Dentistry is the best way to obtain that desired smile you may be wanting. A lot of patients turn to this area of dentistry because they do not like how their teeth look due to issues with undesired spaces between the teeth or tooth discoloration.

If you want to change your smile, there are many different procedures which can improve the look, shape, and color of your teeth, including bonding, veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening. The overall goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile, and bring a great feeling of self confidence into your daily life.

Dr. Clark can explain and show you how these procedures will work during your initial consultation.

Traditional Veneers

You should never be afraid to smile because of a chip, stain, or crack in your tooth. Veneers are thin, stain resistant shells that fit to your teeth to correct any imperfections. They are made of hard tooth-like material, and best of all, they look just like your natural teeth, but better!

Prepless Veneers

Though less long-lasting than traditional veneers, prepless veneers offer the same look and functionality. These are a great option for those who still have plenty of healthy tooth enamel, but desire a perfect smile.


In tooth bonding, a filling material is made to “bond” with your natural teeth to repair them or fill in gaps. Easier and less expensive than veneers, bonding can also be used on back teeth, and in place of silver (amalgam) fillings.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an incredibly easy procedure that can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your teeth, particularly in terms of brightness. Our whitening formula penetrates the pores of your enamel and destroys the stains that reside there quickly and painlessly.