Creating Smiles for Life

At Smiles Created, proud smiles are our goal. Dr. Starla Clark believes that every patient should leave with his or her own “perfect smile,” a smile which opens doors, a confident smile he or she is happy to share with others. That’s why we tailor our treatment to each individual, providing the kind of personalized care customers rarely associate with the “dreaded dentist’s office.” We fit the treatment to you, not the other way around!

Something to Smile About

What truly makes Smiles Created special are the people that make up our team. We are all committed to providing each patient with an experience as healthy, pleasant, and pain-free as possible.
  • Dr. Starla Clark has been creating beautiful, confident smiles for over 25 years.
  • Our experienced hygienists and assistants have over 40 years combined experience in the dental field.
  • Everyone at Smiles Created is knowledgeable in oral health, even at the front desk!
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Cosmetic Dentistry

We combine skill and experience with superior technology and materials to bring you a smile worth sharing. You don’t need to be embarrassed by broken, missing, crooked, or discolored teeth anymore!

Preventative Care

Regular care and maintenance of your teeth is the cornerstone of oral health. That’s why we teach the newest and most effective methods for preventing plaque and cavities. But at-home care is only part of the equation. Schedule regular checkups with us to ensure your smile stays bright.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth is an easy and painless procedure that can leave your teeth looking dramatically brighter and healthier. Just call to schedule an appointment, and say goodbye to those stains!

Why Choose Us?

Our patients choose Smiles Created and Dr. Starla Clark because they want someone who offers a full range of services, understands their needs, and can select the best treatment for them. They want someone who provides the best new technologies, like needle-free, drill-free laser surgery. Most importantly, they want a warm and welcoming environment, and a friendly staff that treats every patient with care and respect.

  • A knowledgeable team ready to make your experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible.
  • A highly skilled and trained doctor with more than 25 years of experience.
  • A procedure which will fit your specific needs.
  • A convenient location, right off Montgomery Road near I-275.

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